Survey time!!

No, not THAT kind of survey...

One goal that the 2019-2020 Board of directors has is to better define what the benefits of NAWIC membership [particularly NAWIC Dallas] really are. Here are a few questions that we continue to hear:

- What does my company get out of my membership?

- What do I get out of my membership (both as an employee and as a person)?

- What does NAWIC do for the community?

- Why join [pay membership dues] when I can just come as a guest?

(SURPRISE, we have more members only events/content than you realize!!)

While we are able to answer these questions we want to go one step further. Why did YOU join NAWIC? What has kept YOU here as a member? What do YOU think we do well? What do YOU want to see us improve on in the future?

We hope you will take some time to fill out this survey so that we can be sure our members are getting what they want and need from this organization. The board may be whats keeps us in line, but our members are what keep us moving forwad!


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