National Association of Women in Construction
Dallas Chapter #2

What is NAWIC, National Association of Women in Construction
Since its founding, NAWIC, an international non-profit organization, has grown to a membership of 5,500 women with more than 160 chapters. In its 54 years of service to its members, NAWIC has advanced the causes of all women in construction whose careers range from business ownership to the skilled trades. With almost 1,119,000 women working in construction today, the industry is more accepting of their non-traditional roles.

Over the years, the cause of NAWIC has stayed the same: To enhance the success of women in the construction industry. NAWIC has many education opportunities: For children - to explore and open their minds to the possibilities construction offers as a career choice; For Adults - to further their careers with certification courses. For more than 30 years, NEF has offered creative and educational programs for students from grade school to high school and adult certification programs. The Foundation’s award-winning Block-Kids program, Building Design Program and the CAD/Design/Drafting Scholarship Awards competitions introduce students to careers and opportunities in construction. NEF’s adult certification programs include: Certified Construction Associate (CCA), Construction Document Specialist (CDS) and Construction Industry Technician (CIT), which are administered through Clemson University. Since its founding, the NAWIC Founders’ Scholarship Foundation (NFSF) and NAWIC chapters nationwide have awarded more than $4 million in scholarships to students pursuing construction-related studies.


NAWIC has developed nationally recognized awards programs to celebrate the achievements of women in the industry, as well as supporters of women in the industry. This year marks the 12th annual Crystal Vision and Crystal Achievement Awards. The national campaign for Women in Construction Week is held the first full week of March each year and provides opportunities to celebrate women in construction and to educate the public of their cause. The NAWIC Image, the award winning national bi-monthly magazine showcases the efforts, causes and issues of NAWIC members and the construction industry. It has been the voice of today’s woman in construction for more than 35 years. NAWIC provides education, networking, legislative awareness, industry and community involvement, personal growth and development and lasting friendships. NAWIC is the voice of women in construction.

NAWIC's objectives are:

  • To unite for the mutual benefit of the women who are actively engaged in the various phases of the construction industry.
  • To promote cooperation, fellowship and a better understanding among members of the Association.
  • To promote education and contribute to the betterment of the construction industry.
  • To encourage women to pursue and establish careers in the construction industry.
  • To provide members an awareness of the legislative process and legislation as it relates to the construction industry.

NAWIC Core Values

Believe in ourselves as women * Persevere with the strength of our convictions
Dare to move into new horizons 

2015-2015 Board of Directors - Nominee's
President (one will be selected): Susan Kittrell and Jennifer VanBreda
Vice President: Wanda Beldsaw
Recording Secretray: Brenda Blakeman
Treasurer: Ann McCullough
Directors (4 will be selected): Kim Gibbons, Susan Hewitt, Sandy Liebau, Susan Kittrell

Voting will be held on June 15 at the dinner meeting.  Please attend to have your vote count.  Bio's of all candidates will be posted and distributed.  Reach out to each candidate to find out more about them and their goals for the new year. Nominations for each position can be made up to the time of voting.
Susan Kittrell - Candidate for President & Director

My name is Susan Kittrell….I am running this year for President of the Dallas Chapter of NAWIC.  I have been a member of NAWIC for six years. During the past six years I have been Vice President along the side, I believe, of one of the best, and successful president’s the Dallas chapter has had in my time with NAWIC. At the same time I have learned so very much from four past presidents.  I have been either Chair or Co-Chair of the membership committee for four out of those six years, and also a director for the same amount of time.  I have been Chair of the Golf committee, the Clay Shoot and now large events. I have assisted the WIC committee for the last two years with our successful events, the GW Bush library, and JFK  tours along with luncheons.

I came to Texas in 1984 and worked in the drywall and acoustical division of Insulation Supply Company. I discovered I enjoyed the manufacturing, distribution and sales in the roofing industry.  I have worked for three major companies in the past, GAF,West End Distribution, and ABC/Bradco Supply.  I am now and have been for seven years been employed by C-CAP Building Products representing Firestone.  These opportunities have strengthened my pricing abilities, customer service, and territory sales strengths. I have been in the business of roofing and basic construction in Texas now for over 26 years.

I believe women are KEY in the construction industry, which is one of the many reasons I believe in NAWIC and all that our organization represents.  NAWIC promotes by beliefs and has worked towards not only improving my self-esteem but others in the organization.  It promotes ethics in my personal and work life. It Empowers women to turn challenges into opportunities for growth.  I believe the future depends on our younger, new members. I believe the Vintage members have an obligation to educate women and pass to our new younger members, our knowledge and experiences in the construction industry. I believe in the team. Every position, committee, and event I have been involved in has involved team work.  I believe we are stronger and successful when we pull and work together. Women in construction are Unique.  We are resourceful, perceptive, engaging, leaders, people persons and empathetic.

I believe in new ideas, but still keeping with the ideas, on which this organization was built.

I am asking for your trust, your support and vote.  I promise I will do everything in my power to make our Dallas Chapter successful in 2016.  As in out NAWIC core values I believe in ourselves as women, I will preserve in the strength of our convictions, and I will Dare to move to new horizons.  I pledge to You the agility of my hands, the ability of my mind and the integrity of my heart.

Jennifer VanBreda - Candidate for President

I came to Texas in 2013.  Prior to moving, I reached out to the local NAWIC chapter to introduce myself and let them know I was coming out and want to get involved.  The Dallas Chapter president was welcoming and I was ready to go.  I had transferred my membership and was active at my first meeting.  At my first meeting, I immediately jumped in and volunteered to chair WIC Week.  Not knowing much about the Dallas area, it was a challenge, but many of the members were eager to help me get things going.  Not long after that, I was approached to run for a position on the board of directors.  I felt honored that the chapter members were embracing me and willing to accept someone new on the board.  They noted that having someone from the outside could bring some fresh ideas, not changes, ideas.

I have served on the Dallas Chapter Board of Directors for only a year and a half now.  My first year, serving under the president as president- elect, was my learning year.  This also meant I was going to be president the following year.  I had a chance to listen to the members about what they wanted from NAWIC, what they needed more of, what they wanted less of.  I took the notes and have applied many of these concerns over my past 6 months as chapter president. 

I would like to the chance to serve as president for one more year.  I have so much more to do for the Dallas Chapter and would like to opportunity to do so.  This year for me is "Back to Basics".  I want to get back to the core of what NAWIC is.  I feel I am on track with the entire board to accomplish this.  Next year will be all about the members.  Without the members, there is no need for a president, or a board of directors.  

The members make the chapter, the chapter doesn't make the members.  Without the members, we cannot accomplish the goals we set.  Without members, there is no fundraising, no block kids, no dinner meetings.  Members, why did you join NAWIC?  What do you want from NAWIC?  A vote for me, is a vote for you.  Your voice will be heard.  The entire board of directors,current and incoming, need your support to make things happen.

Vote for who you feel will represent what you want out of NAWIC.  

NAWIC Experience
NAWIC Chapter Board of Directors Positions:
2008-2009 Chapter Secretary (out of Region)
2009-2010 Chapter Vice President (out of Region)
2010-2012 Chapter President (out of Region, 2 terms)
2013-2014 Chapter President Elect, Dallas Chapter 2
2015-Present Chapter President, Dallas Chapter 2

Chapter Committees Involved in:
WIC Week Chair
MAGIC Camp Co-Chair
Ways and Means Co-Chair
Strategic Plan Co-Chair
Website, Social Media, Newsletter (Dallas Chapter and out of Region)
Block Kids

Regional Positions:
2009-2010 Region WIC Week Chair (out of Region)
2013-2015 Regional NEF Liaison, Region 7 (South Central, 2 terms)

Wanda Bledsaw - Candidate for Vice President

NAWIC is a powerful Professional Association of Women in the Construction Industry. Our Dallas Chapter is one of the strongest Chapters Nationwide. As your current Chapter Membership Chairperson, our committee appreciates new members, current members and retired members. We are honored to be a part of our amazing 60th year History of NAWIC this year.

Also honored to be Chairperson of NAWIC National PR/Marketing of over 4,000 members I hear from Nationwide each month when reports are due. Being appointed by National President  Sandy Field on National Committees has given me the chance to learn, share with my Chapter and represent our Dallas Chapter.

It is my desire to serve as Vice-President and to be part of our leadership team moving our Dallas Chapter forward, increasing our influence,and developing and launching future leaders for our Chapter. I am dedicated to serving our New President and continue to serve our members. As Vice-President I will work tirelessly, listen to you and bring new ideas to the table, continuing the revitalization of NAWIC as we build our membership while keeping NAWIC’s goals and responsibilities. Your VOTE would be appreciated.   Always, Wanda


Year Joined NAWIC:      1/1/2002 NAWIC Dallas Chapter 2 Elected Chapter Offices Held:

Years in Construction:  31 and still loving it! Board Recording Secretary                     2014-2015

Company Type: Board Director                                        2013-2014

Autostone USA Flooring Systems  National Appointed Committees Held:

Nationwide Installation Coordinator PR/Marketing National NAWIC Chairperson 2014-2015

Education:                                                                               PR/Marketing National NAWIC Co-Chairperson 2013-2014 

Wylie High School- Birmingham Scholar -5th in Class Professional Development & Education Co-Chair (Library) 2013-2014

Richland College NAWIC Dallas Chapter 2 Committees Held:         

Spring Creek Community College Membership Chairperson 2014-2015

Texas Real Estate License Membership Co-Chairperson 2013-2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Certified Estimator-Xactimate PR/Marketing Chairperson 2013-2014  

Membership Associations: Major Fundraiser/Ways and Means Volunteer 2012-2015

National Association of Women in Construction Honored Awards:                                                                                         

National Association of Profession Women (NAPW) Region 7 –Membership Award (Co-Chair) 2014 

NAPW National Award to her Profession and the Region 7- PR/Marketing Award- 2014  

Achievement of Women” 2014-2015 “Outstanding National PR/Marketing Award- 2014

Excellence and Dedication to her Profession Regional Star Recruiter Award- 2013-2014                          

Genealogist, DAR Sister and Mason Eastern Star Dallas Spotlight Award-Membership & Golf Committee Co-Chair-2013-2014

Reason for Running: “As part of the NAWIC Team, I wish to continue to promote my Chapter.” Thank you all in advance for your time and consideration. Feel free to email at

Ann McCullough - Candidate for Treasurer

Ann McCullough has been a member of NAWIC since 1991.  She is the chapter treasurer for 2014-2015.  She has been a director numerous times, secretary, VP and Chapter President 3 times.

Ann started the Dallas Chapter Block Kids program in 1993, when her son, Mike, was in elementary school.  She has participated in just about every Block Kids Program since.

Ann is CFO of McCullough & Associates, a construction consulting firm established in 1983. 

Ann also owns a gift shop located in A Honey of a Deal Boutique in Historic Downtown Carrollton.  We have held a number of events at the shop for WIC week and other occasions over the years.

Ann is part owner of and CFO for two apartment buildings in CA.

When Ann and her husband retire, it will be to their home in Lake Tahoe, CA, where they will be closer to their son and have time to canoe, hike, enjoy the snow, and work on environmental projects in the Tahoe Basin area.

“I have met and learned from amazing women during my 24 years in NAWIC. The level of professionalism, energy and commitment to the construction industry and to NAWIC that these women have is unparalleled.  I hope I can make a significant contribution to the chapter as treasurer this year.”

Brenda Blakeman - Candidate for Secretary
Bio Coming Soon
Kim Gibbons - Candidate for Director
Bio Coming Soom
Susan Hewitt - Candidate for Director

Susan Hewitt began work in the construction industry in 1977.  She held multiple positions for Patent Scaffolding Co/Harsco Infrastructure from March 1977 – December 1994 and happily began her career with Austin Commercial in January 1995 until present. 

She started work as an infant with Patent/Harsco later serving as Branch then Area Bookkeeper overseeing billings and cost accounting.  When Patent/Harsco changed to a centralized accounting process, Susan traveled to various locations as a Trainer and to setup jobsite accounting processes. She then went into Branch Operations overseeing equipment procurement, scheduling crews and freight over Texas.

Missing the construction accounting side of our industry, Susan seized the opportunity to start her career with Austin Commercial working in Austin’s Main Office Job Cost Accounting and now back in the field on jobsites as a Field Office Manager.  Included in her responsibilities at Austin, Susan has had the role of HUB/ROCIP Coordinator, CMiC Super-User (construction software) and taught the “How to Get Paid” class for Austin’s Diversity Mentor program for several years.  She has served on Associated Builders & Contractors’ Support Staff Committee for over 5 years and was an ABC Magnolia Award nominee in 2002.

Susan just celebrated her 20th Anniversary as a NAWIC Dallas member.  She has served on various NAWIC committees over the years, including Construction Industry Committee Chair 2002 – 2003, Job Bank Committee Chair 1998 – 1999, Habitat for Humanity Liaison 1998 – 2003 and served as a NAWIC Dallas Director 1998 – 2000.

Hobbies include antiques, gardening and stained glass. She’s a member of TWAW and reserves weekends for her husband Charlie (recently retired with 40+ years in the Construction industry) and hiking with her rescue dog, Samantha.  She also takes frequent trips to visit Kelly Rene her free-spirited daughter that currently resides in Jackson Hole, Wy.

Susan’s personal philosophy is that we have no guarantees in this wonderful life but keep a positive attitude, do the best we can every day and help others that cross our paths.

Susan believes she will be an asset to NAWIC Dallas as a 2015-2016 Director 

Sandy Liebau - Candidate for Director

Sandy Liebau has been a member of NAWIC for two years but is willing to help whenever and wherever needed to accomplish all NAWIC goals.  She has been a spirited volunteer on Block Kids, the Golf Tournament, the Clay Shoot and has previously served on the Nominating Committee, as well as Committee Chair for WIC Week.

She has 20 plus years of experience in the construction industry being responsible for accounting, payroll, human resources, contract documents, office management, client relations, and assisting the Vice-Presidents of Manhattan Construction Company’s Dallas Region. Manhattan is a general contractor widely known for building high profile projects. Sandy has been a volunteer for several years on the Hearts and Hammers program. The mission of Hearts and Hammers is to refurbish qualified homes owned by low income citizens within the Dallas area.

Sandy was born in Dallas and has lived within the DFW metroplex her whole life. She is part of a large close knit family and loves to spend time with them.  “There is nothing greater than a family’s love and bond for one another. I hope that everyone feels the golden magic it brings to one’s heart and soul. So here’s to all the women in NAWIC experiencing that within their own families and amongst each other as a second family!”

NAWIC Pledge
As material for the construction of our building,
I pledge the agility of my hands,
the ability of my mind,
and the integrity of my heart.

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