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NAWIC Dallas Chapter Info

Did you know that our Chapter is governed by a specific set of rules and guidelines? Each year, a committee is formed to review and update these as the chapter grows and takes on new and exciting adventures.

The Bylaws Committee meets between Election Night in May and Board Installation in September and is made up of at least one member each from the existing board, incoming board and general membership. This way we are able to be sure that the history behind previous edits is available, the thoughts, ideas and plans for the new year are considered and the general chapter voice is heard. In addition to being sure that the Chapter has a unified direction moving into the new NAWIC year, the Standing Rules are also part of a NAWIC National document, the first six of which cannot be updated on the Chapter level.

Both the Standing Rules and Guidelines are then circulated to our entire chapter membership for a period of 30 days allowing EVERYONE a chance to voice any questions, concerns or additional edits. In one of the first official acts of the new Board of Directors, these final documents are sent up to our National office in Fort Worth for the FINAL FINAL approval and adoption.

The Standing Rules and Guidelines of the National Association of Women in Construction, Dallas Chapter #2, ammended 11-2019 and adopted 01-2020 are included below.

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